expertis is an analytics and software solutions firm founded on the belief that the best way to do a meaningful job is by looking at crazy-difficult challenges and asking:

“Why not? – Why don’t we give it a try?”

expertis is all about doing things that are innovative, intellectually invigorating and bold!

Why? Because we believe that big problems are the most interesting to tackle and typically the most valuable to solve.

Top notch analytics

  • Quant & tech focused
  • Grounded in common sense

Culture for service

  • Experience and integrity
  • Full dedication to our clients

Reliable insights

  • Decision making network
  • Bottom-up fundamentals

How do we work?

Expertis is focused on developing knowledge through the analysis of DATA.



We solve problems by teaming up data scientists and developers across the world.  Expertis offers  advice leveraging on our experience in technology development.  As advisors, we aim to empower the decision making process for our clients by gathering and exploiting data.  Because of the major scale of our projects, we also praise simplicity and common sense.


When you team-up with expertis, you benefit from the decision making and operational capacities of our network of business partners.  We strive to provide best-in-class advice and execution excellence on the most complex solutions in order to help our clients grow.  We work closely to provide innovative solutions and create tools that best fit their respective needs.

Our team strives for the highest standards of excellence and integrity; we are also always searching for blue ocean strategies.




With offices in US and Mexico City, we are ready to invest ourselves into materializing great investment opportunities.

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